Serverless Consultancy

Slash your costs and scale instantly with Serverless architecture.

Serverless is a way of describing a new breed of cloud services that don't require the maintenance and associated cost of running traditional servers. Products like AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Fargate and AWS IoT are examples of Serverless services. Their main attraction is low cost and high utilisation, as well as their ability to scale to meet demand easily.

Scale instantly

Traditional software deployments rely on application servers, usually known by name and scaled by hand. This leads to to low utilisation at quiet times and overloads when there is a lot of traffic. Serverless systems don't suffer from these problems. You can scale from one request to one million in seconds, all using the power of the cloud.

Save 99% over traditional server costs

Because you only pay when your Serverless system is processing a request, it is effectively free when it is not being used. This can lead to significant savings over traditional deployments where servers are running 24x7.

Stop forcing your users to wait

There have been several well publicised incidents of popular websites imposing wait times or queues on their users to protect their infrastructure. This leads to a poor user experience and increased abandonment, impacting your bottom line. With Serverless, there is no fragile infrastructure to protect! Service your customers immediately.

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Serverless might seem like black magic, but we can explain it simply and help you realise it's benefits.

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