IoT Consultancy

Ingest, store and analyse vast amounts of sensor data, all while saving money.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a way to describe the smart things that are rapidly being connected to the internet. Freshnode can partner with you to take control of your IoT fleet and realise true value from it, for you and your users.

Secure your IoT operations

Personal info breaches, unauthorised access, data theft and more are on the rise. 54% of organisations have experienced at least one security incident on their industrial control system over a 12 month period. Don't become another statistic. We will help you understand your IoT security landscape and tighten it up.

Effortlessly scale to meet demand

Moving IoT workloads to the cloud provides resilience, reliability and peace of mind that you could only dream of with a hand rolled solution. We have experience designing, building and operating IoT systems at massive scale. Rest assured, you'll be in safe hands with us.

Save money

Traditional systems from many vendors use large server farms. Due to the irregular nature of IoT data streams, this leads to under-utilisation and a waste of your money. We favour architecting solutions around the Serverless model, meaning that you only pay for the resources you use.

Automatically detect when things are going wrong

How do you know if your processes are working as they should? If you are not being informed the second things aren't right, then you are losing valuable time to correct them. We can use the power of the cloud to detect anomolies and evaluate your fleet health, so you know what's going on at all times.

Realise the true value of your data

Using advanced data processing pipelines, we can help you ingest, enrich and query terabytes of data in a predictable way. All data is exposed through traditional SQL-like interfaces, meaning you can continue to use existing skills and expertise in your organisation.

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