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Solution architecture that puts people first

It's not enough to focus solely on the technical challenges of a given problem anymore. The teams and structures that form around the problem need to be given just as much thought. We can work with you to build software solutions that not only solve your business challenges, but that prioritise team dynamics and well-being.

Slash your costs with Serverless

Serverless computing allows you to truly unlock the power and cost benefits of the cloud. In the Serverless model, you don't spend time and money managing and running servers. Instead, you rely on cloud providers like AWS and Azure to expertly manage this, 24x7. Serverless architectures are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you can realise significant savings on suitable workloads.
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Greater resiliency and peace of mind in the cloud

Tired of downtime, costs and the potential for security breaches? It is no longer true that a cloud migration of your business-critical workloads is going to be more costly or less secure. We can help you move your workloads away from expensive on-premise servers to the cloud, while respecting your data protection, security and regulatory requirements.

Understand how your application actually works

Did you know that in a survey conducted by GitLab, over half of the respondents said they didn't know if a change they made affected the performance of their cloud application? We can work with your teams to build tracing and metrics into your software, and advise on dashboards, wallboards and alerts to make this visible to your engineering teams.

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